Concerned about social ethics in dealing with those who do the hard work providing us/you with your daily cup?  We here at Caffe Santoro are also, but we are not so quick to follow along just because it’s the most popular thing to do.  How our vendors and the people who bring us our product are treated is important issue for us.  This is why we are thrilled to share with you this segment of a program that chronicles how true “Specialty Coffee” get to us, making you a delicious cup of coffee while assuring those who touch this product are “FAIRLY” compensated.  I believe this is the free market at work and one of the main aspects of a healthy free market are THRIVING RELATIONSHIPS!  So as you sip your next cup of Caffe Santoro coffee do so with a friend and what was begun over a handshake in some far off place will be complete right here in our community!  Here’s to Relationships built with Personality!



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